Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm An Owl.

You touch the grass with your fingers.
I can feel it, a very soft touch from you.
And you smile, like you understand how it feels to be touched by your fingers.
Dont look at me, I'm smiling.

I can see those brown eyes smiling.
I can feel the warm of your eyes.
I can hear you humming, I can feel you breathing.
I can see you from here, behind this wall.

Dont turn your back on me, Dante.
Keep on smiling.
I do this for you.
But will you love as a woman not a murderer?

Feel me, feel my wings behind me.
Hold me, and walk beside me.
Love me, put your eyes on me.
Look at me, dry my eyes.

Sleep with me tonight.
Blanket me with your arms.
Be my man.
Be mine.

I hurt, you hurt.
You're my lullaby.
My vision is black and blue.
I dont need white.
You're white enough to make it true.

While we are here, while we are tidal,
While my hands are shaking,
While my mouth can speak,
I love you.
I hope the words get through.

See right through me.
Take a deep look to my eyes.
See them wanting you like the end is near.
See them begging.

Keep on singing my favorite song, Dante.
Keep on walking with direction.
Keep on breathing with me, even if you're not with me.
Let my blood lives in you for years.

Keep this moment alive.
Keep me inside you.
Dont let me go.

This Lake Is Her Home.

Dala sits alone.
On a old bench made of wood near her favorite lake.
She watches two black swans swimming with no direction.
So does she.

She lights on her third cigarette.
Wondering, how could this happened to her?
She walks on the boulevard to her memories.
She's in the horizon alone.

She watches her fingers now,
Bloody hands, cover with pain.
She looks up to the sky.
She cant smile.

Looks like she's going to burn her hands with fire.
No, she lights on her fourth cigarette.
She knows that she will reach her dream alone.
For a moment.

She's humming.
One of her favorite.
Her favorite lullaby.
She's hurt.

She picks up a shotgun near her.
She aims the black swan.
Her heart beats fast.
She takes a deep breath and..........

The trees behind her shout at her.
A group of birds fly away, away from her.
She killed the black swan.

The other one swims away and flies.
Afraid of dying, it fears death.
Blood fills the water around the black swan.
Dala throws her shotgun away.

Dala cries, so loud.
She covers her face with her bloody hands.
She cries like a crazy woman who cant accept her son's death.
She screams so loud, so does the trees behind her.

Her face covers with blood and tears.
She stands up, lights on her fifth cigarette.
She tries to keep calm.
She stops crying.

She sits on the bench again,
Playing her fingers again.
She looks up to the sky.
She's smiling.

Dala, you're not guilty.

You Really Got Me, Shannon Leto.

Dear Shannon,
I dont care if you're turning 40 this year. I dont care if you're older than me. Why should I care?
No, dont close your eyes. Your eyes want to conquer the world and all the people out there.
You're different.
Hey, I love you.

Smile. I love your smile.
A naughty smile, yes! I love it!
I have nothing to say, sorry.

Now, turn right, left is okay.
There you are, perfect.
I love your arms. Can I touch?
Please, dont let me scream out loud.

Sing me something.
Dont forget the guitar.
Go ahead, 'Hurricane' is cool.
Shit. You're the man.

1 hour later.

Hit me. Steal it.
You're pushing me too hard.
Pull my hair, lock me down.
Show me, rule me.

I'm sweating, make it fast.
Go ahead.
Push, push, push.
Make me scream out loud, make me cry.

Now stop.
It's over.

Readers, now you get what you deserve.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Boy Named Aurora.

My boy, Aurora.
A boy with a spirit like a stallion.
He walks like he has no direction.
He runs like he has a wings on his back.

He lives with nature, he loves them, he blends with them.
He sleeps on the sand, he let the sea touches his body.
He let the wind sing him off to sleep.

My dearest, Aurora.
He let go of the fear inside me.
He smiles like nothing happened.
He holds my hands like I am his mother.

He loves to walk with Andes.
A big white horse which he called him 'bestfriend'.
He loves to hear the birds waking him up in the morning.
He loves to watch the sunrise and the sunset.
He loves being around them.

My dearest, Aurora.
I love you.
Your blue eyes made me cry once a night.
Those beautiful eyes, so deep and warm.
Eyes of the ocean.

He would smile though the sky is on fire.
He would laugh though he knows the time will come.
He would live forever.

Stay beside me, Aurora.
Keep on walking like you used to.
Keep on dreaming like you'll never know.
This galaxy is yours.
My heart is yours.

Black and White Photos Make My Heart Beats Fast.

Dont ever hurt me.
Dont ever touch me, again.
Dont you ever dare to do it.
Dont make me cry.

Dont follow me anymore.
We are nothing.
Do your life over.
I'll do mine.

My heart, your hands.
All the good things come to an end.
You dont have to answer.
Because the answer is in front of you.

You will never have me at hello anymore.
I am your goodbye.
We are a story that will ending in tragedy.
You and I, are below zero, down below.

We are wrong from the first.
We've been walking in vain.
Now give me an answer.
What should we do now?

My dear,
I cant see your colors.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Go To Sleep, I Guess.

"Aku begini itu karena aku sayang banget sama kamu dan kamu itu tanggung jawab aku! Ya aku panik lah kalo kamu itu ga ada kabar, aku takut kamu kenapa-kenapa, apalagi kamu ASMA, panik sedikit sama kena asep sedikit langsung kambuh. Hey, kamu itu cuma satu makanya kamu itu aku jaga baik-baik!"

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Song's Remembering Me of You. The Song's Called 'Tidal'.

Dala sits in front of her laptop.
She looks confuse, no, she looks so weird, so damn weird.
It ends tonight.

Dala cries in silence.
Dala takes a deep breath over and over again.
She lights on her second cigarette.
She's still crying.

Dante, please stop me.
Stop the time.
Stop everything.
Keep on glowing, keep on smiling.
Dante, dont leave.

Dala puts her cig on an asthray near her.
She holds her body like hugging a big pillow.
Her eyes keeps on blinking.
She's hurt.

Dante was right.
Dont run from reality.
And now, reality is chasing her.
Reality wants to kill her.

I'm sorry, Dante.
I'm really sorry.
I've been trying really hard to reach you.
I've been giving every single thing to make you stay.
It's not enough, never enough.
I'm sorry.

I'm going to walk this path alone.
In search of happy days I know I'll never find.
Nobody has to know except me and God.
But I hope you will always remember the time when I'm with you.

In flight again with Tidal Wave 03.
I'm still trying.
I'll keep on trying to make you mine.