Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'll Be Your Sound.

Hello, you, yes, you.
Do you know why I ask too much?
Why I care too much?
Because your eyes make me ask.

I don't want to live up there in the sky.
I hurt by the sun.
Clouds won't let me.
So I back on the land where I used to be.

A couple songs and a guitar.
Those things are helping me back to my home.
Behind that purple valley,
Where I can talk to the wind how cruel the sky could be.

Now, wake me up.
Open my eyes.
Let me see the ocean once again.
Let me hear those wolves cry once again.

Help me do my life over.
Help me reconstruct the path I have walked for years.
Turn me on, hide my wings.
Hold me, so I can feel you.

Talk to me like you already have me for a long time.
Believe in me and I will believe in you.
Because when the world gone silent,
I will be your sound.

Learning Slowly.

The times has come.
Waktu dimana kita terpisah jauh.
Ga ada lagi suara,
Ga ada lagi air mata.

Lo harus belajar.
Begitu juga gue.
Mensyukuri apa yang kita punya.
Dan melupakan apa yang kita pernah buat.

I won't cry for you.
Dan gue sama sekali nggak nangis.
Karena gue lebih mencintai Tuhan gue dan diri gue sendiri.

We ended for a reason.
Dan gue percaya apa yang lo bilang terakhir itu yang terbaik buat gue.
Dan gue nurut sama lo.
I will find someone, who's better than you.

Please, learn.
Learn for a better future.
Belajar, supaya orang setelah gue nggak akan merasakan apa yang gue rasakan atas sikap lo.
Learn, to love someone from the heart.