Monday, November 19, 2012

A Soulful Conscience of A Hungry Female Wolf.

Hello, Damian.
It's been a very long time since we separated by your ego.
I know you are settled now.
You found someone, she replaced my place.

I don't miss you.
I don't miss our time when we were together.
But I have a bunch of questions.
And you don't have to answer.

What will you do,
When we meet one day,
You and I are alone, and we know that we had something in the past,
Will you leave your stubbornness behind?

Will you ask? And how will you ask?
Will you say hi?
Will you leave your selfishness for a day?
Will you realize? Will you look back?

Will you start all over again?
Or perhaps you will rewind the pain?
Will you brave you eyes to look into mine?
Will you look at me like the day you laid your eyes on me?

Will you dream the same dream like we used to? 
Will you stay?
Or perhaps you will run and hide yourself from me?
Will you try to convince yourself that I am the one you've been waiting and searching for?

Will you?

I am so far away from you.
I am so far away from reality.
We are playing with our mind.
We are lost. We are heartless.

But, we are still love each other.

The memories of me blend with your life.
My kiss goodnight, my kiss goodbye.
I live behind those heartless eyes of yours.

If only I can be with you right now,
I would make you warm with the love I give to you.
If only you would stay a little longer and be more patient,
We'll have our dreams come true now.

If only,
My ego could win you over.
If only,
Your ego could lose for my existence in your life.

What if,
Your heart beats my name tomorrow?
What if,
In your anger, you want me there to calm you down the day after tomorrow?

But I don't wish for that.
I wish you a great happiness for your life.
For a bright future, and a lovely woman who can handle you in her own way.
For your family you will build one day and for your career.

4:25 AM,
I look to myself in the mirror.
I smile.
And I say to myself, "One day, you and I will meet and let God do the rest".

Good morning, Damian.
Have a safe flight.
With joy and freedom,
Anissa Sadino.

Personal Trauma?

"You know, the moment when you are sitting alone on the bench in front of your house which located behind a dark valley and when you look up to the dark sky, hoping to see a shooting star but what you see is an airplane, flying across the starry sky? It hurts. It wakes an old memories I've been trying to let go."

-Sajesha, Reykjav√≠k.