Thursday, January 17, 2013

You Will Never Make It Through the Rain Without Me By Your Side.

Thank you,
For disturbing my eyes.
Thank you,
For being such a nice person.
Thank you,
For being here and everywhere.
Thank you,
For giving me a bunch of questions.

Why are you here?
Why did you say hi?
Why did you always check up on me?
Why do you do this?

You are my one of my favorites.
You knew how to tame me.
You're such a good man.
But why did you leave me hanging?

I pour half of my heart for you.
I let you live in my head.
Do you let me to live in yours?
Or am I just an old broken doll for you?

I let you know my life.
Half of it.
Why don't you let me?
Let me know and I'll be there standing next to you.

I know our world is different.
Too different.
But I feel warm by your existance.
I feel good.

Now, let me see with my own eyes.
Are you a good man or 'a-good-man-for-now'?
Prove me then I will reach you.
Prove me then I will hold you.

"If you are down with someone, doesn't mean that you have to own them for life"
Such a deadly weapon your words are.
Now I close my eyes and start to dream.
We'll meet there if you have the same dream like mine.

Don't start what you can't finish.

Monday, January 7, 2013

I Am Not A Soldier With A Heart Made ​​of Wood.

Don't ever think,
That I don't know the truth.
I know your life,
And I know your position.

Okay, fine.
I don't know you.
But I searched the truth.
And I didn't like what I found.

Don't make me want you.
Don't make me think that you're the one for me.
Don't make feel comfortable with you.

Your words are not going to kill me.
My brain is working.
Don't make me feel like I am the one you've been searching for.
Because I am not.

I know you but I don't know your world.
Your taste, your favorite things.
Let her satisfies you with what she has.
With what she has done to your life.

I am nobody.
I'm just a new person here.
The truth I found in you makes me say, "Fuck it."
So, don't make me turn that shit into a "Fuck You."

So here you are.
Don't be such a denial person.
You're too old for that.
And I'm too old to watch.