Sunday, February 23, 2014


I don't mean to say that you guys are all the same,
But why do you have to hide your woman,
Instead of showing her to public?
She's worth to show.

And why do you guys are really hard to read?
What actually you guys really want?
I know that men and women are different,
And it gives me a big question inside my head.

I was there,
I lived in that condition once.
I hurt.
It wasn't lovely.

Can you imagine,
When you love someone,
And that person loves you back,
But that person won't show you to public?

It hurts.
I swear.
Did I do something wrong?
Does he really love me?

For me,
I guess it's not that hard to love someone.
Maybe because I'm easy to love,
Or maybe because I take things easily.

When I love someone,
I won't lie that I have someone.
I will say, I will show.
Because I'm grateful to have someone to love.

Please, be grateful.
Loving someone is one of the best things in the world.
Respect her, respect him.
Or you will regret.

"You will never know what you have until you lose it".
I do not agree with that.
"You always know what you have, but you just never think you will lose it someday",
Is the right words.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I Am Only Human.

Do you know that I am saving the best for last?
Do you know that I've been saving you for it?
Do you know that I've been loving you for years?
Do you know that I've been regretting the moment I went away from you?

Don't forget to write me a letter,
A letter of disappointment,
About what we have been through,
About what we have shared.

I am ready to lose you now.
I am ready to accept that you were made to someone else.
But I am not ready to hold your hand for the last time,
I am not ready for your deadly mouth.

This is the last song I made for you,
The last elegy, the most breathtaking moment,
The most painful condition,
The most devastating part,

I will erase you from my memory.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Heart Is King.

I don't miss that life.
Yes, I don't miss my life before I met Axel.
I am the happiest woman in the world.
And the luckiest.

I never asked for a better person.
I never asked for a better life than this before.
I never cried so hard like this before.
I never felt this way about love.

Two years ago, Axel asked me a question.
"Picture us two years from now. Can you see anything?".
Memories, laughter, and love,
Those aren't just memories on the wall.

Time goes by and I stand still,
We have each other,
We are so in love,
And yes, we're lovestung.

Everything's perfect now,
Since the day Axel carried our son in his arms and smiled.
We named him Elton,
And now Elton is two months old.

Elton's cries is our happiness.
Elton's smile is our life.
Elton's laugh is our life.
Elton, is ours.

Thank you for letting me in.
I love you, I love Elton.
Thank you for everything.