Thursday, September 18, 2014

Goddess of The Breeze's Letter: Cold Air in the Early Morning.

Dear Gavriélle,
Those eyes describe what my hearts desires,
Of finding home geographically and spiritually,
And all the emotions that come with this, high & low.

I can feel the resonance of your voice in the air.
Your restless voice leads me to a wonderfully intimate and rich depth of sound,
And the result? A stunning structure and tone.

My Gavriélle,
Is it appropriate to disarm the beauty inside you?
Your color transforms into a colorful Aurora,
It translates to a beautiful music form.

Hear my beating heart,
Swimming in sweet currents of blue,
Reverberating textures,
You are a melody that goes with the flow.

Hold my hands, feel my veins,
You live there in my blood, drowning,
It's like, there’s a sixth sense that you are always around,
Waiting to enter my life though you already did.

Melodies change,
Your brain rapidly picks up speed, 
And the full beauty is uncovered.
You turn yourself towards the light.

You are my home in the light,
Making it impossible to see its source.
Because you are able to live life to the full and harvest an emotional response,
Even though you were composed so long ago.

You are an exploration of my faded memories.
A unique instrumental,
With a certain nostalgia and melancholy,
You are a music to me.

Thank you, for creating this feeling elegantly.
Thank you, for being a man who has a deep emotional attachment with your woman.
Thank you, for being here.
Thank you, for loving.

I fell for you like autumn leaves.
I love you like a perfect set of orchestrated sounds that is almost impossible to recreate,
Ever-fascinating to listen to.
Please, hold this moment now and forever.

You are Gelos, the spirit of laughter,
Because you divine personification of it.
Don't be afraid of my scars,
Because I've been trying to describe the way it feels,

That I finally, I finally found a person like you.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


When you love,
It seems like no one else is around.
All the wrongs inside your head,
You take it all and you make them right.

The pain,
The misery,
You put it behind those walls,
You hide it all.

This heart is so caring.
Like, it always there for you,
To tell you I care,
And show you how life could be.

Can you feel it?
How life takes you by surprise?
It's like, your feeling spreads throughout the room,
It blurs your vision.

You give me a heart to honor.
Together, we let the fear comes and goes.
And together, we feel the heat from our brains.
We move away, to a better place.

This, is an intimate relation of truth.
We will get through it fast,
To enjoy the new youth inside us,
To protect something beautiful.

I love you and I care.
I am proud to stand next to you.
Now, breathe, softly,
We are in the same airwaves.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Earth's Music.


Holding hands,

Eyes to eyes,
Those are always come back to you.

Who's sitting over there reading this,
My all,
My muse.

You are a beautiful floating tone,
A warm breath to breathe,
A drifting dream in the air,
A heart full of longing.

Don't ever change.
Keep on loving me like this.
Don't go, don't you dare.
Keep on missing me like there is no tomorrow.