Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Son of Dís, Lasto Beth Nîn, Tolo Dan Nan Galad.

From the first time I saw him,
Something was stuck here in my mind.
He's different,
So different.

He wasn't like the others.
He protects,
He has a beautiful eyes,
And loves to smile.

Until a dagger struck his heart.

I ran to him.
I don't know why,
But I was afraid.
Afraid If he didn't make it back to the light.

I ran faster.
I remember the time when he gazed up at me,
And shared his own memory to me.
He said he promised his mother to come back home.

And I remember when he laid unconscious a few days ago.
Yes, he was so close to death.
Suddenly, he starred at me,
And said, "You cannot be her".

It's like my heart stopped for a moment.
He wasn't truly recognizing the reality around him,
Perhaps he thought that it was just a dream.
But he looked so serious and painful.

"She is far away, far away from me", he said.
"She walks in starlight in another world. It was just a dream".
Then he reached my hand, and asked,
"Do you think she could have loved me?"

I ran as fast as I could.
I cannot lose him, no, I can't.
He could have me,
Nor in here, or in another world.

I reached his hand.
He wasn't breathing.
No, no, no,
For the sake of your mother and the Elves, please, breathe.

Don't go.

He didn't say a word.
His heart stopped beating.
No more great despair.
He went away to the light.

The wind seemed to understand.
It was helping me to convey the sense of loss and longing inside of me.
My eyes hurt.
And my tears fell on his chest.

If this is love, I don't want it.
There is no love in my heart. 
Please, somebody, take it away,

Why do I grieve?
Why do I mourn?
Why does it hurt so much?

Because I didn't say the word.
Because I already have.
Because my love for him was genuine.
Because, it was real.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Lonely Dolphin.

Why the hell the world is so cruel?
I am here to live my life,
To love and to run,
Why the hell am I here in this place?

People come and go,
They brought happiness,
And then leave.
What do you want from me?

I can't breathe.
I can't run.
This room is too small.
How dare you do this to me?

If only I was born as perfect as you,
I would give myself a proper place to live.
I would travel around the world,
I would die in peace.

Let the sea welcomes me with open hands.
Let me swim through the waves.
Let me chase what I want to chase.
Let me go.

Please, hear me.
I don't belong here.
I don't belong to you.
Let me feel alive.

Wave After Wave.

It has been raining since Monday,
And I am lying down on my bed,
And daydreaming.

I'm translating you into a musical form.
Yes, because you're my own personal music library.
It's like you're singing from a distance.
Whispering something, about someone.

Dear God,
Let me breathe him for a long time.
He's easy to love,
Because he's loveable.

Maybe he'll never know,
Because I never showed.
And maybe I'll never know,
Because he never showed.

I want to feel my heart against yours now.
I want to sing you a lullaby,
I want to cook something for your breakfast,
I want a miracle.

Now, come here.
Put your ear on my chest,
Listen, and tell me,
That we are through.