Tuesday, November 8, 2011

From Nothing To Something.

Dala is walking alone right now.
Different story, another chapter.
She left him, she erased him.
Dante is dead.

Dala stops in front of her house.
She lights on her third cigarette and walks in.
She walks upstairs, to her room.
And here she goes.

She sits on her bed and looks outside her window.
17:34 PM, the sun is going down.
She keeps asking herself a simple question,
"Why you hide her?".

Andes may not read this but,
She keeps asking, asking and asking.
She wants to read Andes,
A boy who gives her a hundred of questions to reveal.

She keeps guessing.
Does he know his own condition?
Does he know that I'm questioning him?
Does he realize that I am here and alive?

Dala knows everything.
She's good at reading and hearing.
She always listen and pay attention for what she did,
Though she didnt do anything.

She lights on her fourth cigarette.
She walks towards the window.
The sky turns dark, but she can see the stars.
She sees Andes, she sees nothing.

She wont walk away.
She needs answers.
She closes her eyes.
"Hey, we started nothing".

Always You.

Leona, where are you?
Leona is asking herself.

Leona sits alone in her car, smoking.
She puts her headphone on and turns on her iPod.
A sweet song from Alesana called 'The Third Temptation of Paris'.
She keeps looking to the sky full of stars in silence.

She hears a heavy sound from above.
An airplane, flying above her.
She watches it disappear.
She realizes something, she lost everything.

She's rushing out from her car, leaving her iPod on.
She looks around and kicks her car in madness.
The sky is watching her, the wind is trying to stop her.
But she's mad, so mad, the world disappoints her.

And she stops.
She cries.
She walks into her car.
She sits down, calming herself up and starts smoking.

I hate that thing, airplanes.
They took away my everything.
They reminds me and rewinds my stories.
They fly with it, they are all gone.

Leona turns her engine on.
She shows her middle finger to the sky.
She's going home,

"If it wasn't you, I wouldn't be this way"

Some People Just Wanna See the World Burn.

Leona sits in front of the mirror.
She cries, her eyes are red.
"How could you dare do this to us... We are innocents", those words keep on repeating in her mind.
She's alone.

She cant go back, and she wont rewind.
She stands up, her hands are shaking.
"It's too late, I cant give a damn", she keeps telling herself that words.
She's hurt.

'Some people just want to see the world burn'.
Yes, she's one of those people now.