Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes.

I know a song called "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes",
Sung by Cinderella, one of my favorite Disney characters.
Is that true?
If I dreamed about something, it's a wish my heart made?

I didn't wish for you.
I didn't wish a thing.
But I had a long conversation with my friend before I went to sleep.
And yes, I was talking about us.

I won't say I miss you.
Because maybe, you're already know.
I miss the moment when you kissed my forehead.
I miss us.

But life goes on.
I have to move forward.
With or without you.
I have to be ready.

We deserve chances.
But maybe not today, not tomorrow.
Or maybe a couple years ahead.
Or maybe no.

Just don't give up on me.
Learn to live with differences.
With or without me.
Learn for your happiness.

Dear You, I Can't Resist You.

Under the star, above the sea.
Under the same sun, but different place.
Same feelings, an old story.
Two hearts belong to another.

I didn't prepare for this.
I didn't predict this.
I am not ready.
To face the truth that we belong to someone else.

I wish that there will be years where I can hold you forever.
Where I can share my dreams with you.
Where we will grow old together.
But we are late.

You found me and I found you.
You lost me and I lost you.
I was hoping that you'll dry my tears that day.
But you were'nt there, no, you can't.

And now I'm rewinding everything.
I can't resist you.
I can't let go, no, I won't let go.
We can't let go.

Perhaps our heart aren't made for each other.
Sometimes, you have to love people from a distance.
So I give us the space to make sure,
Are we happy?

Tell me, are you happy?
You get exactly what you wanted.
Except all the things that were wrong are still wrong.
Then what? Tell me.

There are certain things in life where we know it is a mistake.
But, we won't admit.
Because we are the reason why we got here.
Because we are a memories, precious memories, we can't let go.

Now, appreciate what still remains.
And look forward to what's coming next.
People who are meant to be together will always find their way back to each other.
So, let there be hope.

Under the same sky, different clouds.
Same old story, different feelings.
Don't turn away, dry your eyes.
You'll live in me forever.