Sunday, October 21, 2012

Come On, Hit Me.

You need to move on.
You should learn.

"Once a liar, will always be a liar"

Thank you for making me a heroine for days!

Go FUCK yourself and tell her that you LOVE her.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Sun In Your Eyes.

I didn't predict this.
I didn't know that a man like you,
Can make me forget my pain,
With your good intentions.

You've been helping me through it all.
God knows what's best for me.
God gave me you.
God knows that you can make me happy.

I love the way you throw me a bunch of jokes.
You never fail to make me laugh.
You turned me into an over-protective person.
And I fell for you.

Do you remember that night,
When you said, "I want to share my happiness with you".
Definitely, yes.
I want to build my happiness with you around.

You know my bad habits.
You know that I am a stubborn person.
But I don't know why, I let you control me.
With patience, you've made me understand.

You aren't tired.
You deal with it.
You want me to smile,
I will give you my days full of smiles.

My dear, Adriara.
Thank you so much.
Because you didn't give up on me.
Thank you, for believing in me.

I love you.

Man In Denial.

Don't make me laugh.
I do understand what you're trying to say.
That you can live without me.

Your mistake?
Thinkin' you're in a perfect condition.
You won the game.
Hey, you're not.

Accept the truth.
You can't forget me.
You've been pushing yourself too much.
You've been forcing your heart too much.

One day,
When you fall down to a hole,
And no one can help you,
I won't be there.

Because you weren't there when I fell.
Because people who can't handle me at my worst,
Don't deserve me at my best.