Wednesday, March 2, 2016

One Winged Angel.

Her name is Andanté,
 And she's a generous woman.
 She loves to smile,
But she keeps her feelings to herself.

She believes that generosity is a sign of a kind soul.
 That's why everybody is happy when she's around.
She's that kind of girl who pays attention to every little detail.
Yes, she's so fine.
She's a tough woman.
She goes by the name of 'Miss Independent'.
Everyone is so proud of her.
Yet, she screams in silence.

What happened to her?
Did somebody hurt her?
Did somebody bring her down?
What happened.

For an hour,
She locked herself in her bedroom.
What was she doing?
Did she hurt herself?

 And then,
She came out.
She smiled,
And she said, "Hello".

Then, people found out the reason why.
The world was being rude to her.
Reality knocked her head really hard,
And she was murdered by the love she spread.

She believes she could love someone wholeheartedly.
She believes she could wait for her love to come back patiently.
She believes things will get better if she smiles.
She believes she has found someone who truly loves her.

Why did you throw her away?
Why did you let her go?
Why did you?

How dare he walks into her life through the back door and unannounced?

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