Sunday, November 15, 2015

Enfold Me.

You are the blue lagoon,
Set in the pure heart of a naive little boy.
You are my salvation,
My light.

I learned a lot from you.
You're a droid.
You're a gambler,
You're a free soul.

You paint your dreams on a black canvas.
You love to play with your mind.
You are on your own again,
And you are emotionally fragile.

I know that you cried in silence on a misty weekend in winter.
I know that you smiled when I told you that your voice sounds familiar in my ears,
I know that you spoke about hope and love in the turbulence,
And I know that you tried to find grace and you failed.

I love the way you see the meeting of the sacred and the ordinary.
I love the way you solve the puzzle in me,
And I love the way you sing your heart out,
It's like, a one long song.

But we can't.
We just can't.
We can't go on.
Because we're on a different train.

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