Saturday, October 29, 2016

Gratia Mundi.

Walk with me through the cold of night.
Show me things,
Show me the future,
Teach me how.

The eye of the world is on fire.
Covered by fear,
We run away.
See? They're watching us.

Drown me there,
Inside your brain.
Pull me closer,
Don't go away.

Come here.
The souls who travel this way are rare.
Sit with me,
Embrace me. 

 You're my king.
Search the star,
Find your question,
Find me there.

I'm your queen.
 I'm the love you never received.
I'm your heart,
The knife you hold.

Stop playing the pain you gain.
Let it go.
I beg you, to become fearless,
For I am the white wolf you saw in the woods.

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