Saturday, October 29, 2016

Roses of May.

Her heart heavy,
But she choose not to see.
Her tears blends with sweat,
And keeps pushing her feeling away. 

She begins to doubt herself.
"Am I good enough to live?"
"What lives must I take for the sake of my own happiness?"
"How much blood must stain for this warrior's blade?"

She wonders how far she will go.
Before her wishes are satisfied,
She wants to trust her head,
She wants to believe.

She's been through a lot of wars.
War leaves its mark not only on the land and on its people,
But also on the knight herself,
Which slowly taking away her soul as she witnesses and takes part in warfare.

She's a sole survivor,
The shadow beyond her fear.
She feels pain, heartache, and loss,
And never let go off her mask.

She trained herself to think,
That fear is her weakness,
And forgiveness is the mission,
So she might once again see the Roses of May.

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