Saturday, November 26, 2016


We are one.
Our blood, our skin,
Our fate, our shadow,
We are made to be together.

I never wished that I were someone else.
So I can look at you more than once,
Walk hand in hand with you,
And listen to your voice all day.

We are history.
 You're the reason why I've been fighting for years.
Why I cry and why I laugh,
Because you're the one.

It was hard,
Yes, it was.
Guess it was hard for you too.
But hey, I'm here.

I am not afraid.
I won't be.
I will catch you when you fall.
I will hold you in my arms. 

If they try to hurt you,
I'll tear them down.
Don't worry,
I'm always with you now.

When the world gone silent,
I'll be your sound.
 And if you end up as the world's enemy,
I'll be your knight.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Veritas Numquam Perit.

You and I,
We are one.
To the root,
Even on a molecular level.

I am you,
And you are me.
I am me because you exist,
And you are you because I exist.

I am me because of the reflection I see off of you.
And you are you because of the reflection you see off of me.
You do not need to acknowledge my existence to exist,
Because I acknowledge me off of you, to exist.

We are the creators of our universe.
That life is a sea of perceptions.
We create our reality, our universe,
By the perceptions we subscribe to.

I don’t see myself through your eyes,
I do not exist because of the way you see me.
I define myself through what I think you see.
But, our energy connects to each other.

 I saw all the parts of me that I was reflecting off you.
And, so did you.
As I open up to see more of you,
I am really opening up to see more of me.

What you see is what you reflect.
We are the same person.
If you don't like what you see,
Then you've done something wrong.

Saturday, November 5, 2016


I'm not insane.
I'm barely alive.
I'm not broken.
This is how I see the world.

I don't know you,
Who lives behind every shadow that moves.
I don't understand you,
Who likes to be a part of something ridiculous.

The green room,
The holy statue,
The circle of life, 
Are yours to be concerned.

The way you talk endlessly about people,
The way you see every chapter of your life,
The way you think about happiness,
You're a traitor to your kind.

This is my home.
The citadel of my mind,
The biggest fortress made from stolen hearts,
This is the only place I could have.

You shot me down,
You dropped me there,
To a place you can't even follow,
You bring hatred to my soul.

I will be the new culture reference.
I'm a work of art,
I'm a human in disguise,
I'm a Goddess.


Pale skin and ashes,
Rotting, disappear,
In the blink of an eye,

The sky turns red,
As I stand with you,
There, right there, inside the black dome,
Murmuring something.

Animal bones,
White feathers on my bed,
With all due respect,
This is not the skeleton I've been looking for.

Beneath the ocean,
I walk for hours to find a blue lagoon.
The thin line of a different substance,
Fill every color from its surroundings.

I don't understand.
Why it has to be dark,
When the sun goes down,
Though the world is not aching?

Acid, gas, and a broken doll made of wood,
Killing and pointing,
Even though the owl's still awake,
And the martyr suffers persecution and death for advocating.

Where is my life?
Where is yours?
Back to a time where our love is infinite,
We killed our leader to be loved.