Saturday, November 26, 2016


We are one.
Our blood, our skin,
Our fate, our shadow,
We are made to be together.

I never wished that I were someone else.
So I can look at you more than once,
Walk hand in hand with you,
And listen to your voice all day.

We are history.
 You're the reason why I've been fighting for years.
Why I cry and why I laugh,
Because you're the one.

It was hard,
Yes, it was.
Guess it was hard for you too.
But hey, I'm here.

I am not afraid.
I won't be.
I will catch you when you fall.
I will hold you in my arms. 

If they try to hurt you,
I'll tear them down.
Don't worry,
I'm always with you now.

When the world gone silent,
I'll be your sound.
 And if you end up as the world's enemy,
I'll be your knight.

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