Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Dont let them bother you.
Erase it, bury it.
I can see the disappointment on your face.
Hey, dont cry.

It is normal to feel bad like this.
Too much expectation leads you to sadness.
And now?
You're fucked up, killed by expectation.

You're alone, I know.
You want him to see you smile.
To feel an enourmous feeling on this day,
A happy feeling which is ready to explode into a thousand bright colors.

But he wasn't there.

He's not here.
He's so far away from you, away from town.
It's like reaching the horizon alone, I know.

Hey.... Stop crying.
Accept it, this is was your choice.
I love you, I'm with you.
You're inside my circle, you're safe.

Look at me. Look at me.
You're breathing.
Leave it all behind.
Bite my hands.

Let your heart beats faster than before.
Let your heart explodes.
Feel those shits, feel it.
Let it be.

Two hours are enough for crying.
I'll sing you off to sleep.
I'll hold your hand until you find your dream.

Now go to sleep, little lady.
Feel me in.
I'll watch you soar.
I'll wipe your tears.

I'm smiling.
You're sleeping now.
I'm glad.
Rest my dear, you're too tired.

Call me when you cant feel a thing.
Find me under the table,
Smoking and watching you in silence.
I'll never leave you.

Happy birthday.
I love you.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Song From A Dream.

Rain, baby, rain.
Keep on raining inside and outside my room.
Plastic raindrops are falling quitely in Neverland.
Touching my hair and my skin so softly.

It's getting colder and colder.
I'm lighter than air.
I turned off every light in my room.
Until I cant see my own hands.

Music plays,
From my playlist named "I'm An Owl"
Wet street and barking dogs,
Make me feel sleepy and make me smile.

I close my eyes.

I can feel you from here.
I can clearly see you from here.
Writting something about the sky,
On your bed, near the window.

I'm watching you sleep now.
Tired face and cold pillow.
I can hear your heart beat.
I can feel the warm of your breath.

I open my eyes.

Smiling at nothing.
I'm humming my favorite lullaby.
22:47 PM, I'm still breathing.
Clinging myself to a dream.

I drink up my midnight tea.
Feeling all good,
Ready to sneak into my blanket.
And now, I'm turning off myself until the sun comes up.

See you when I see you.


Do you remember the day you used to pick me up from campus,

And went to a several places for dinner?
And do you remember when I said "Don't Go",
A couple days before you went back to your academy?

Please stay a little longer.
Longer, than ever.

One day,
I will watch you soar.
But will you watch me?
Watch me take a good care of your children.

Do you know,
The moment when I said "Dont Go"
My heart is crying.
But I know that my heart is begging for something which is impossible to do.

When I watched you slowly disappear at the airport,
My heart tore in two.
When I arrived at home and looked around and you weren't there,
I described myself as a ghost.

Please, for one day,
Dont ever leave this bed, this house, our world.
Seize yourself for me.
Lock yourself for a day.

Tell me that you need me because I love you so much.
Say you never leave me because I need you so much.
Assure me that you wont go anywhere.
Give me years to keep you in me because I dont want to lose you, again.

My Elegy.

City lights complete my night.
Here I am, standing alone on the balcony with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand.
Watching those lights glittering to one another.
Wearing his white shirt and my old black shorts.

It's Saturday, 01:22 AM.
The rain stopped half an hour ago.
Still I can feel the cold breeze blowing through my hair.
And I can see the sky full of stars above so clearly.

My dreamcatcher still hanging above me.
Haven't had a nightmare for a long time.
I light on my cigarette.
I close my eyes.

Together with nature.
I blend with the night and nature.
I'm singing their elegy.

Hear me.
Feel it.
I can hear those owls.
I can see an eagle flying behind that valley.

Wet trees and river.
Crickets and toads.
Lights and sounds.
Clear sky and stars.

I smile.
It's getting dark.
I walk inside the house.
I will dream of you tonight.

Saint Naive.

My dear Juneau,

You come back.
100 thankyous,
Your little girl is waiting behind the front door.

Dont go away.
Stay with me and walk beside me.
My heart, your hands, my eyes, your chest.
I just love every single thing about you.
Those are mine, those belong to me.

Smile, my dearest.
Make me strong, make me cry.
Cherish me,
Lend me your shoulder.

Turn the music on.
Come here, sleep beside me.
Love me like we love this song.
Whisper love words in my ear.

Get up, my dear.
Run with me, feel the happiness around us.
Paint me something in blue.
Loving someone is wonderful.

Welcome back to the world we used to live.
Welcome home.
I love you.

I hope the words get through.