Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just............. Go Home.

Dear RayRay,

Thanks for coming.
I appreciate it but i hate you.
Dont say that you're better than anyone.
Dont say that you can take care of me every moment.
Dont say that he's a bad person, he is not.
And dont say that, "you can trust me" and cry, i hate that line.
I dont need those shits that came out from your mouth.
I need me, myself and i.
And cig.
Just go away.
And dont cry, big boy.

Friday, September 25, 2009


What a boring night.
I spent my day with my cousins....
I was, happy.
But now, no i am not.

I've been waiting for Popo to call.
Where is he hoohsssssssssssssss im tired my eyes are redddd'ah!

I'm texting with my friend right now, talkin about my ex.
He passed away, a few years ago.
I remember when he said, "Oh i really love this song".
It's Linkin Park - Crawling Reanimation.

A few years later, i saw him.
It was the creepiest day ever.
He crawled towards me and asked me to gave him what he wanted.

And then... He left this beautiful world.
I didn't know about it, my cousin didn't call or text me.
He told after his burial.

He loved the song and he did it.

Living In Neverland Ranch

Hello word, it' been a while :D
Gw ga bikin post baru karena lagi nginep di rumah nenek.
Kangen sama nenek jadinya kesini yayyy :D

Gw baru buka Twitter lagi, it's been 5 months yahahahahahhsssss
Akhirnya gw update lagi dan lagi dan akhirnya sukses.
Gila ya internet makin canggih aja,
Dulu Friendster, Myspace, Facebook, sekarang Twitter zzzz
Btw sekarang Friendster bisa chat loh! HAHAHAH

Pas gw ulangtahun kemaren, gw seneng banget soalnya banyak yang ngucapin :D
Ohhh bahagianya hati ini~
Mereka inget dan pas gw buka FB woooww notif seabgrekkk zzz
It was fantastic! :D

10 orang pertama yag ngucapin Happy Bday, Aem :D

Putra Argharna Channing
Arzita Shafira
Geraldine Clarinta
Bestari Salsatieu
Raka Widyarma
Audie Anjani
Della Sagitaria
Marco Adriaanz
Grace Van Leuken
Girani Manda

Thanks guys i love you all! :D

Btw selama nginep di rumah nenek, seneng bgt rasanya ketemu sama sodarakyu tercinta,
Safira and Rere (kalo ngomong Rere kok agak sensi ya ehem)
Tiap hari gw urusin kaya babysitter bla bla bla...
And enuff!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stupid Kid Is Defending Himself ! LOL

Aduh anak2 jaman sekarang ya... Begonya ga ketulungan...
Gw lagi ketawa nih, karena apa? Karena ada anak bego
Kenapa bego? Karena gara2 dia minta nomer gw di Facebook dan gw laporin ke cewenya, dia berantem sama cewenya
BEGO kan?

Jadi gini ceritanya.
Jadi waktu itu di Facebook ada yang ngeadd gw kan, namanya Ecko (yaelah Eko aja kali) nama Facebooknya Ecko Petsykes, liat aja kalo mau. dia ngewall gw, ya gw bales dong, secara gw tidak sombong dan baik hati... ea
Trs tiba2 dia minta nomer gw nih, lewat inbox. YAAA GA GW KASIH LAH SIAPA LOOOO HEYYY~
Gw pindah tuh ke wall, gw bilang "minta nomer hp buat apa" eeeh wall gw diapus... maklum udah ada cewe juga dia... kalo ketawan abis kan HAHAHA :D
Dia tetep minta nomer hp gw tuh, ga gw kasih kan, dan gw bilang minta izin sama mantan gw dulu dan dia ga berani hahahha cowo macem apa loooo...

Dan karena gw kesel nih sama dia karena kayanya dia ngeboongin bininye, gw add lah bininya dan gw message ke bininya nih namanya Grace, kalo lakinye minta nomer gw.

Akhirnya dibales, dibilang minta nomer gw buat taruhan. eh babik lo haram! siapa lo maen nunjuk gw sebagai barang taruhan? ngamuk kan gw dan gw copy paste aja omongan si EckoGecko ini ke bininya dari bagian si Ecko bilang "kan lo cantik sekali,kok nggak punya ??" (maksudnya ga punya pacar) ampe selese.

Akhirnya si Grace bls message gw dan dia bilang "makasih ya infonya, ladenin aja terus, ok?" ga ngerti deh tuh maksudnya apa... dan pas gw liat profile si Ecko......

dari mulai "hopeless" sampe "gara gara dapetin uang gocap aja jadi begini. terserahlah !!!" anjir lucu bgt, gara2 ulah sendiri dia down sendiri.

Akhirnya dia ngewall gw, isinya:

Ecko Petsykes: maksih atas pemberitahuannya.
gara gara tantangan dapetin uang gocap aja begini jadi'a.
sudah puas belum ??

gara2 ulah sendiri malah kaya gt, nyalahin orang... Aduh bego bgt ni anak, pengen banget gw tuntun ke jalan yang bener abis itu gw kunciin di kandang sapi. WHERE'S YOU BRAIN, DUDE?

Dan akhirnya dia berantem ama bininya kan gara2 gw kasih tau. Bodo amat mau baikan apa engga mereka berdua, gw cuma ngasih tau bininya kok kalo lakinye 'bandel'. Akhirnya gw bales aja di Facebook kaya gini:

"ya sekarang siapa sih temen lo? gw juga ga percaya kalo lo taruhan ama temen lo, kenal sama gw aja baru trs temen lo ngajakin taruahan, siapa juga temen lo yg ngajakin taruhan?

dan kalo emang lo taruhan sama temen lo cewe lo seharusnya tau dong, kan cuma taruhan bukan serius... kenapa cewe lo ga tau kalo lo taruhan? cewe masuk ke dalam teruhan juga trs dia ga boleh tau? kalo gw jadi lo dan syg sama cewe gw sih, gw kasih tau dia kalo gw lg taruhan, biar dia ga marah sama gw, udah gt ngapain wall gw diapus?

ngapain juga lo bilang "Ecko Petskyes ia ia...udah,woles aja dah.kadang² dia juga pake fb gw kok.Sun 1:20" nyatanya cewe lo gatau kan tuh kalo lo minta nomer gw hahahah bego aja lo taruhan sama temen lo ga mikir endingnya kaya apa

asal lo tau ya, lo bilang gocap buat nomer, sama aja, nomer hp kan punya org dan lo minta ke gw, ya gw juga lah yg kena bukan gocap buat nomer gocap buat cewek tau ga, taruhan gocap buat nomer lg, ga ada yg lebih menantang apa? gebukin anak orang baru dpt gocap itu namanya COWOK GENTLE ga kaya lo minta nomer gw aja di inbox pas gw pindah ke wall diapus, cupu bgt"

Grow up, kid! It's 2009! Mau boong mikir dulu!

Darling It's Better!

I always dream to live underwater.
Isn't that nice?
To swim with ornamental fishes?
To find pearls with dolphins?
Exploring the underwater caves?
I want it.
I love the sea, i love the ocean.
That's why i'm listening to The Little Mermaid - Part of Your World right now :D

One of my favorite film all the time :D
Ariel said, "What would I give if I could live out of these waters?"
"What would I pay to spend a day warm on the sand?"
She wanted to be a human.
But people want the opposite, especially me :p
I want to feel how to breathe in the water.
To swim freely!
To make noises with dolphins and swim through the seaweed forest...
Gee this makes me obsess............

Monday, September 14, 2009

If Walt Disney Were Still With Us...............................

I was listening this song; Pocahontas - Colors of the Wind

Gee i really love the song! (Em you really out of date zzz)
I wish i could sing with nature.......
I want to hear the hum of the mountain,
The wind sings of a journey...
I wish i could live in the world of imagination.................................................

Aladdin - A Whole New World

For me, they are the best couple ever!
FYI; Aladdin looks similiar to my high school friend named Sb LOL
He has the brown skin but he's not a street rat, underline that
I really love the intro of the song.
The piano makes me feel like flying and soooo relaxing :D
I love the song.

Third, The Lion King - Circle of Life

This is my favorite film and my favorite song when i was a kid :D
I remember when Mufasa died,
I ran into my parent's room and hid behind the door.
I was afraid to see Mufasa's death scene LOL
After that, i showed up and i cried,
Because Simba kept calling her dad.
It was sad.
But still i love the movie :D

To hear these song make me happy and smile :D
Not only these songs, but the whole Disney's songs!
Like Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast, The Little Mermaid...
Oh i wanna turn back time! :D

Latona Still Opens Her Eyes

To wait someone to who doesnt love you.
To love someone who doesnt care about you.
And where is he now?
Is he sitting near the lake?
Is he fishing in Antartica?
Is he making a sand castle in Hawaii?
Did he remember you?
Did he call you or text you like he used to be?
Did he see you with smile?
He always did what he wanted to do.
Did he think about me?
I think not. That's my answer.
Tell me if you need your own world.
You can have it.
I'm tired of waiting.
Dont waste your time with me.
Waste it with your job.
I'll be singing and moving on.

Don't Touch Her With Your Insanity

Cry again.
My bestest friend.... She's in "danger".
I hope she can pass her time :(
I love her, i called her "mamah" because of her maturity.
She texted me a few minutes ago, and i was like....
Please God, protect her with your power!
Hold her like a lover!
Give her strenght, so she can pass everything with patience....
Guide her to the right path,
And let her sleep.
Mamah i love you, i always pray what's best for you.
If you need me, i'll be there.
I'll be a good listener.
That's what friends are for.
I love you Mamah.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Avenged Sevenfold - Afterlife

Marco opens the connecting door; to Bella's room.
Bella sees him.
Bella runs to him and hugs him.
It looks like, they haven't meet for a long time,
though they live together in the same apartment.
Marco stares at Bella, strokes her hair and says, "How are you?"
"I'm... Good", says Bella and she touches Jacob's cheeks.
She miss him.
He miss her.
They kiss, like a lover.
He kisses her hard, like he never touched her before.
Bella looks... Clumsy.
But she's trying her best.
They kiss, for 15 minutes.

"Bella...", Marco stops the kiss and strokes Bella's hair.
"She needs me. I have to go"
"Do you need her?", asks Bella, and Marco hugs her.
"We'll meet soon", and Marco leaves her, alone in her room.

They have been living together for 2 years.
Marco lives next to Bella's room.
They even have connecting door.
So it makes them easy, to seeing each other.
In love, yes.
But Marco has someone else.
Diane is Marco's fiance.
Surely, it hurts, for Bella.
But Marco convinced her to not to cry or hurt.
He told her that he loves her very much.
But... Things change.

Then, Bella realizes something.
She cannot have Marco.
Marco belongs to someone else.

She needs Marco beside her.
Marco needs her, but he needs her fiance too.
What should Bella do?
Bella still sitting on her bed and cry.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

You Are Ready To Come Home, Michael

OK! My computer is on! Yayy!
Gw langsung ngecek Insaniquarium && maen Mahjjong :D
2 hari yang lalu, gw bukber di Pangpol
Kita makan seafood, enak loooh :D deket Lokananta
Sebenernya dari jauh2 hari, gw udah seneng hari Jumat gw libur kuliah
Dan mengharuskan gw kuliah dari jam 1 sampe jam 4
Dan yang paling nyesek.........
Ada Live Michael Jackson dikuburin!
NOOOO~! Nyesek bukan main :'(

Udah gt pas pulang, nunggu busway lama bgt.... ada kali 15 menitan >:( grr
Dan akhirnya buka di jalan bareng Exor di Senayan zz
Tapi! Semua lancar :D
Yang dateng juga banyak;
Sasit, Jordan, Dana, Tina, Dyne, Exor, Abe, Popo :D, Miki, Edi, Aska, Audie, Bujet, A'a sama Tya
Seneng rasanya ngumpul2 terus ketawa2 kaya jaman SMA
Dan gw sedih banyak yang ga bisa dateng :( We'll meet soon, guys!

OK... Besok mulai kuliah lagi zzzzzzzzzz males rasanya muhahaha
Males jalannya dll puasa men!
Ngeliat orang2 makan di kantin kayanya nyiksa banget, uhhh :(
Tapi ga apa, banyak pahala :D

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Earthquake!, says Homer Simpson

Omaigat, tadi jam 3 gempa di Jakarta!
7,3 skala Ritcher dan gw lagi di lantai 7!
Can you imagine??
Kaki gw udah joget2 asik.

Pertama gw kira si Dendi maen2in kursi gw, dan ternyata setelah agak lamaan...
Ada yg nyeletuk "gempa ya?"
Dan Mr. Andre hanya bilang,
"Gempa ya?", sambil senyum dan keluar..

Semua langsung panik, dan langsung lari keluar.
Gw juga ikut keluar dan nyari si Dendeng,
Jangan2 dia hanyut dengan lamunannya di kelas...

Intinya begitu.
KBM langsung berenti dan gw langsung cabut.
Mana macet lagi zzzz
Dan katanya, pager Cikal di deket Citos juga ambruk...
La la la ~
Dan katanya mungkin bisa ada TSUNAMI! NOOT AGAIN!!!

Intinya lagi, gw merasa bahagia dan sangat bersyukur ga ada korban luka dan ga ada benda hancur :D

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

That's All?