Tuesday, May 31, 2011

She Wants To Erase the Word Called 'Calendar' From Her Dictionary or Cross It Out With A Word Called 'Forever'.

Dala looks unusual. Her heart beats fast.

Dante will come in a minute.
Oh God! I'm shaking!, Dala keeps telling herself.

Beep beep. One message received.
It says, "Stand up", from Dante.
She stands up.
1.. 2.. 3.........
Someone pokes her back. "Hey".

Dante smiles to her, she smiles back.
They begin to talk about everything. Every single thing.
They laugh together, like no one's there.

Dante is so nice.
He loves to smile, he loves to tell her a bunch of jokes.
Dala keeps her ears on to him, she sees him fondly sometimes.

Dante lights his cig on.
Dala looks at him fondly, wondering what will happen next.
And it happens. He's coughing.
"Ehm", Dala gives him a sign.
"Mmmm.. I'm okay", Dante replies with laugh.
Dala knows it, she's just smiling.

"Hands, please?", Dante puts his cig on an ashtray and asks Dala to put her hands on his hands.
With happy face and an almost-turns-red cheeks, she puts her hands on him.
Dante starts singing, an all time favorite song called Wherever You Will Go by The Calling.
Dala doesnt look at him. She's too happy to hear him sing.
Oh come on, Dala! Dont waste your time just to look at that chair!

Dala looks at him. Dante looks at him.
Both of them smiling to each other.
Dala, once again, looks unusual.

"I love you"

Dala looks....................... Shit I cant explain.
I guess if there's a pillow nearby, she'll cover her face with it.
She'll ask me to punch her face.
She'll scream so loud.
Dala answers him with smile. A very wide smile.

They begin to talk again.

"Hey, it's almost eleven, you have to go home", says Dante.
Dala doesn't want to take a look to her watch.
She would love to break every clock in that place.
She takes a deep breath and says, "Yeah. Too bad".
"I'll take you home", says Dante.
That's sweet.

They walk together to the parking lot.
Dante turns his blue Ninja's engine on.
Dala hops to his Ninja, and they go.

Dala hugs Dante from the back.
Wondering, I dont want to end this moment.
A precious little time with him.
They need more time. An endless one.

And they arrive at Dala's house.
Dala hops to the ground and says, "Thankyou. For everything".

"How do you feel?", asks Dante.

"I feel so good. Cant say a word", Dala smiles to him, Dante smiles back.
"Go to bed, dont forget to wash your teeth and clean your face", says Dante. "I'm off. See you".
"See you, take care", says Dala and Dante's gone from her sight.

Dear Dante,
I'll be good.
I will reach you someday, somehow.
Sing me off to sleep with a lullaby.
Make me blush again.

Just one word for you.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'll Go Wherever You Will Go.

I was sitting in front of my laptop like a puppy left in the rain and (ehem) I'm looking at your picture.
And my iTunes suddenly changes the song, yea I shuffled it.
So, now playing: Daniel Bedingfield - If You're Not the One (Acoustic).

The song has it. Know what I mean?
Perfect voice he has and a soft sound from the guitar.
And also, an emotional lyrics.

Well, I used to sing this song with my cousin.
He played guitar and I sang.

A couple years ago, in the middle of the night, he asked me to sing this song for him.
But he didnt take his guitar (which he named it Sandra),
He moved to his piano and started to press the keys.

So, here comes the main story.

I dont know why, that night, I let my emotion out. I let it all out.
My cousin looked at me and smiled.
Before it ended, he looked down, let his hair covered his face.
After it ended, he looked up, smiled, and his face looked terrible.
He cried.

"It's just sad, so sad, to hear you sing it from the heart. To whom you dedicated this song's for?"
I dont know. I just love the song.
"So please, dedicate this song to the one who you really love. Please do"
I kept silent and I hugged him.

So, I dedicated this song for you.
Yes, you.
The one who's reading this right now.
The one and the only, you.
The one that I've been waiting for.

Would you sing this song with me?
Holding on together through the days?
I cant leave you. No, I cant.

I know the song's too much for us.
But it means a lot.
I have an enormous feeling about you.

Sing me off to sleep.
Sing this song like you're really in love with someone, no matter who is she.
Keep an eyes on me.
Look at me fondly.
Cry like you really want this girl.
Glow, like you always do.

I hope you are the one I share my life with.
And I wish you could be the one I die with.
And I pray that you're the one I build my home with.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Disarm Yourself.

This city has got me in a very good way.

Got fucked up with traffic jams, monotonous life as a submissive university student, had a not-so-boring Saturday nights, woke up in a very late morning and felt like a pile of shit, went to a same place and had a cup of tea or coffee and cigarette alone............................

I really fuckin need a new atmosphere.

I really want to go to a cold place. I really want to go the Peak and stay there for days. My family has a villa there, and it makes me begging myself like a fat house cat meow-ing for food just to go there. Oh please, give me fuckin break!

If I were there right now, all I wanna do is enjoying the atmosphere. Having a cup of tea in a windy afternoon, singing and playing guitar like no one's there, laying down on the grass until I fall asleep in a windy day, watching the night sky, counting down the stars (hell no, wont do that, it's a romantic thingy), enjoying the afternoon rain while eating Indomie..........................


I'm sick of the same routine I've been doing for all of these days. I need to move out and have my own life. Alone.

I was imagining If I were there... Sitting on a green iron chair which been placed at the front porch of the villa, turn my laptop on then open my iTunes and play Jonsi's album "Go"...... Sipping down the tea and inhaling the smoke from my Envio...... Putting on an internet modem to my laptop..... Signing in to Skype and Skyp-ing with my friend in Jakarta..... I will say, "So how's Jekardah and yourself? Still having the same traffic jam and hot weather? Oh come on".

I really need to go there.
As quickly as possible.

Sh*t happens.
I'm still here in this metropolitan kind of city.
Reality fucks me.


Why It Has to Be KyuHyun Oppa? Ah Geez..... Saranghae.

Hello, Kyu.

How do you do?

I dreamt about you last night. You danced the night away with your hit single, Bonamana. You moved your hips like YEAH and sang, "Neon, gatabuta, gatabuta mal jom haera miina~"

I didnt laugh, you amazed me, though I didnt really see your face. But I know it was you. All I remember is, my mouth was wide open. I was like....... "Geez.... He does it very good.........." and yea I've got nothing to say.

But I wonder.... Would we be 'that' way someday? Because my wall was made from steel, a very heavy one... But I'm happy with you. I love the way you laugh. I watched your video once a night, and rewinded it over and over again just to hear your laughter. What a bad confession.

I want to meet you.
I want to laugh with you face to face. Well, according to every theory that I've learned so far, face to face communication is a lot better than any kinds of communication, so why dont we just meet up? Simple.

I have a lot of questions too. But uh..... Afraid to ask about it too. Bunch of heavy questions I guess, hope you dont mind. And that would be a very long heavy sarcastic answers from you as well. Just tell me everything.

If we were a river, which way we should take the water to? Take it to unite with the sea or end up with no direction until it dries out from our bodies?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

It Never Ends.

I want to crawl to reach you.

Friday, May 20, 2011

You Aint Sexy No More If You Eat Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I'm happy. Cause you're there beside me.

We laughed together, and I wish I could rewind it.
But I know, that time will come.

Let me see you.
Let me feel you in my arms.
Let me show you my expression when I'm with you.
Let me be, and let it kills me.

It kills, why, it shows me who I am and it'll show you who are.
But will it be forever?
Will you be here beside me tomorrow?
Yes, the problem is, me.

I cant let go. I just cant.
Why? Because words are killing me.
I want you.
But how? How could I hold you until the day I finally have you?
How could I make you mine though I cant?
Why it has to be now?
Oh my dearest God! What's happening?

I dont know what to do next.
Praying is the only thing I know now.
Hope I can see your eyes and it belongs to me.
Time will answer.

If yes, I'll smile forever.
If not, I'll give you a white flag. I will let go.

I will start on counting.
Move out.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Love You When You Sing 'Wherever You Will Go' By The Calling.

I was trying to be bitter for days, but it doesn't help me anyway. I was trying to not to look at you, but according to the days that we've been through, (yea you know what I'm talking about) I know I am part of something far greater, not only you.

I was clinging myself with you and realized that 'Well, this is it' but it turns out to a sad life story for me. Why it has to be like this? Or maybe I'm in distress?

Maybe, it's supposed to be this way. It'll take a while to get to that point, and I'm way too insecure right now.

Take me back to that day, I'd make it all okay. But time shows everything, and I cant reach you for real.

I will erase my expectations, every single thing about it. I will erase every story which makes you feel uncomfortable. I will find my way, I wont hurt you again.

You're the truth not I.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear God, Hear My Prayer

Ya Allah,

Aku bersujud pada-Mu sebagai hamba-Mu yang tidak taat
Yang tidak mau menjauhi semua larangan-Mu
Yang menyalah gunakan kebaikan-Mu
Yang selalu melupakan kemuliaan-Mu

Ya Allah,
Sesungguhnya aku mencintai agamaku
Aku mau mati demi agamaku
Aku tidak mau berpaling dari-Mu
Hanya Engkaulah satu-satunya Tuhanku, yang Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang

Ya Allah,
Aku sangat mencintai-Mu
Tapi kenapa aku tidak menghormati-Mu?
Aku tidak menjauhi semua larangan-Mu?
Aku ciptaan-Mu yang menyedihkan
Dan sesungguhnya, aku sendiri yang membuat diriku menyedihkan

Ya Allah,
Tuntunlah aku agar aku senantiasa berada di jalan-Mu
Beri aku petunjuk agar aku bisa menjadi hamba-Mu yang taat
Agar menjadi wanita yang solehah
Untuk terus mencintai-Mu dan menghormati-Mu seumur hidupku

Ya Allah,
Tunjukan jalan-Mu

And It Comes Out As A Winner.

Blythe keeps her chin up. Rango will stay in her heart for a very long time.

Blythe: Please stay.
Rango: You belong to someone else.
Blythe: My ego wins.
Rango: You lose.
Blythe: Oh come on.
Rango: It's your path.
Blythe: I hate this situation.
Rango: So do I.
Blythe: We're tidal.
Rango: ..goodbye.

Blythe keeps her eyes shut. She's not going to cry, but she's ready for her new day without Rango.... No, she's not. She's hurt, period.