Monday, July 22, 2013

My Dearest In the Rain.

We've been doing this for so long.
All you have to do is to believe in me,
In us.
Believe that this was just began.

I've been keeping your secrets.
I've been hurting since you woke me up.
You're too bright.
You're too hard to break.

We are flying blind.
Hard rain and thousand voices,
You are piercing the quiet,
You are louder than thunder.

I saw you once on the horizon.
I thought you won't make it.
But you stand so tall.
You ran away to fast.

You were in my dream once.
You asked so many questions.
We missed us,
We missed paradise.

Your heartbeat is a silent song.
Your face as clear as the night.
Your eyes could bring the broken hearted back to life.
Let your colors burst out.

Now it is your chance to show us.
You will let the rain washes your color away.
You will seize those voice that broke you down.
You will shine.

I will see you tonight.
I will watch you stand so tall one more time.
My dearest in the rain,
You will meet me where you are.

If You Ever Come Back.

I know that you've been trying to not to look back.
I know that your past left you so many memories.
I know that you've been letting the front door open every morning,
In case she changes her mind.

She won't come back.
She has a lovely life now.
She has what she wants now.
She buried you alive.

She won't miss you either.
She will remember you,
As a man who took her life for granted.
As a man who gave her so much pains.

You were a liar before this.
You said you wanted to love her like she wanted.
You said you will make her smile.
But you gave her no room to breathe.

You could wish that she still wants to give you a hard time.
You could wish that she will stand in front of your door tonight.
You could wish that she will welcome you with her arms wide open.
But she knows that you will burn all of her dreams in a minute.

One day, you will cross her mind.
But her tears will make her grow stronger.
She will stay inside you for a very long time.
But you will never can reach her.

She won't say sorry, she won't be there for you anymore.
Keep on wishing then.
Run fast and cry now.
She's gone, forever.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1000 Voices.

Don't cry.
It's like I just met you yesterday.
Please, stop.
I am part of you.

Don't cry for me.
Cry for our happiness,
For all the time we have shared,
For your eyes in mine and mine in yours.

Take a look back to last Saturday,
We went to a place where the stars were above us.
We watched, we talked, we laughed.
That's when I realized that you have been a part of me.

You love to ask about what color is around us.
You love to watch me in silence.
I love to see you being loud.
I love to hear you talk about your life.

So, don't you ever drop your tears.
Let me wipe your tears away.
Let me hold you to make you feel warm.
Let my feelings grow bigger.

I want to go to a place where the stars dance for us.
I want to go somewhere cold with you of course.
I will sing you a song, a dream within a dream.
I will take a good care of you.

Don't make me worry because I worry too much.
I want to be with you, so don't be afraid.
Run to me and I will welcome you with my arms wide open.
Because I am yours and you knew it already.

Puzzle Piece.

Hello, Ent.
I won't let you wait.
I won't let you curse yourself.
Don't go.

I'm not good with this.
I won't say anything to you.
Watch me,
And you will understand.

Am I rude?
Am I selfish?
I'm not good in this.

To see you is to love your colors.
To touch you is to love your skin.
To hold you is to let go what I've been worrying.
To let you in is to love myself.

I am probably not your type.
I smoke a lot, two packs a day.
I am not a woman, I am a man.
I do what I want to do and I don't care if people won't co-operate with me.

But now I am fully understand.
I've been learning something I haven't done before.
I won't tell you, but you made me learn.
Thank you.

I will share you my life.
I will fix your broken body parts.
I will heal your broken heart.
I will make you smile.

I can't promise you things,
But I'm giving you my best.
I hope it'll get brighter each day.
I love you, Ent.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Maybe I Fell In Love With You When You Woke Me Up.

Wet street and pale faces.
Wild dogs and a woman cries.
Cigarettes and leather jacket.
I walk alone like a ghost.

I'm surviving myself from this old small town.
Rewinding memories and dreaming about the future.
Tearing my heart open,
Shutting down my brain for hours.

I close my eyes.
Imagining the sound of an ocean breeze.
The sound of a mountain.
Your echoes, calling out my name.

We are the music of the world.
We are the answers of the galaxy we are living.
We are the life.
We are the sin.

I drop my tears to the ground.
I know, I understand and I was there before you.
I will keep you sheltered from the storm that's raging on.
I will keep you safe and I promise that no one will ever touch you like that again.

I will give colors to your eyes.
I will dive in your ocean.
I will search your mind.
I will help you stand and fly away from here.

I want to save you.
I don't care if I won't survive here.
I don't care if I have to stuck in this place a little longer.
I will return your heart beat.

Now breathe with me.
Open your heart for me.
I will not let your hands cover in blood.
I will wake you up.

Give Me A High Five Right On My Face.

What's so special about that?
What's wrong with your eyes?
Did you drop something?
Did you see something?

I never loved you.
I never thought about you.
I never asked you to live with me.
I never asked you to love me like I love them.

I was so high off the ground.
It was a long way down.
I was moving at the speed of light into eternity.
But I didn't feel your melody nor your rhythm.

I made my own music.
I made my own feelings.
I don't need you to do this with me.
I need nobody.

It is amazing, still.
You feel like you miss those happy days,
Where we argued and stayed for real.
Now grind it, until it gone.

Maybe we had the wrong time.
Maybe you had me at goodbye.
Maybe I was mad that day.

I should have told you how I feel.
I should have not kissed you like crazy.
I should have gave you a red light.
I should have not killed your mind for it.

Keep your reality out of mine.
I don't want you to expect something.
I won't answer your call.
Love, you are stuck on stupid.