Monday, August 31, 2009

I Thought Your Tiger Still 6 Years Old

Meet my friend, Mr. Danny Hurricane :D
I dont have his picture because he's new.

Mr. Hurricane is 20 (LOL!)
And i dont know why i call him "Mister"....
His eyes are blue, light blue.
He has a black hair, a long hair yeahs.
Sharp chin... Hm not really.
And he has ears like................. Cat, yes.

Like an anime character.
But no, he's not Japanesse.
And it's not him in the pic.
He's tall.
And nice, he loves to talk :D

I called Rajjah and he came.
Mr. Hurricane looked... 'wow' and nervous.
"Oh.. He is so big.......... Stunning to look at"
But i know that he was scared.

We've talked a lot.
Life, ice cream and stuffs.
He loves to see the clouds, like i do :D

See ya Mr. Hurricane and happy fasting! :D

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Geez, I Need A Tic-Tac

Ok, komputer gw di kamar rusak.

Ga bisa dengerin lagu, maen mahjong dan laen2.
I took Rajjah to my grandma's,
She looked 'wow'.
I knew it.

And now,
I need my computer, woo-hoo.
Bosen banget maen PS, zzz Front Mission 4 lagi dan simulator?
I need a new toy.

He'll bite.

Yesterday, was Michael Jackson's bday.

I am so sad, why?
I miss him!
Gw nonton videonya di iPod and OMG, he lookes... gorjewsssss :D

I think,
I should go to bed. Luau.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Acapella, Everyone?

Gw nangis bles bles bles~!
Gara2 dengerin Peterpan - Tak Ada Yang Abadi.
Lagunya bener2 bikin gw sadar, kalo suatu saat pasti gw bakal ditinggal sama orangtua gw.
Temen, keluarga, pacar.
Mereka suatu saat pasti ninggalin gw.
Ya kalo bukan mereka.......................
Gw duluan yang ninggalin mereka (NOOO!!!!)

I'm happy today btw :D
He came and oooooooooooooooooh i miss him already :(
Thankyou Popo for today,
Walopun kamu kebanyakan tidur,
Tapi aku seneng kamu udah ada di samping aku tadi :)
I miss you!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Honeymoon? With whom?

Nagisa: Do you have someone in yout heart right now?
Laka: Uhuh
Nagisa: Who is she? :(
Laka: You
Nagisa: I'm serious
Laka: Honestly, yes
Nagisa: Oh... Okay............
Laka: Nooo honey of course not, she's you :)
Nagisa: :D .................. mhh..
Laka: hm?
Nagisa: Why you did you say 'honey', i'm not yours anymore
Laka: Okay i wont call you 'honey' again
Nagisa: .............................
Laka: (humming)
Nagisa: Nooo i want it
Laka: Yes honey :)
Nagisa: xD

Fasten Your Seatbelt Darling We're Goin' To Have A Big Saturday!

All i need is Cadburry
Bring them here and bite the chocolate
Popcorn, everyone?
Drop it here

Hurry up
We're goin to have a very long night
Girls with bikinis are on yourleft
And bottles of alcohols are on your right

McDonald opens for 24 hours
Bring the curly fries, spread it inside the car
Turn on the radio, it's Lady GaGa and her song Poker Face
Turn the volume up til your ears burst

Hurry up
We're goin to have a very long night
You cant sleep, you wont cry
Just enjoy the ride... HOOOORAY!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Seven Years

i know im not okay im not fuckin okay what should i do he's gone oh God he's gone what should i do what should i do i can only pray but pray is not enough he wont come he hates me he hates me he hates me he doesnt want me back i know i know this is the end im starving i dont wanna eat until he's here i swear i wont do anything God give him back im begging im begging please give him back God is kind i love you God bring him back please dont let him go from my hands i cant do this too hard please help me God help me walk through this i dont want to see him like that bring him back im begging bring him back please i cant do this please bring him back bring him back bring him back bring him back bring him back i would do anything i will not let him go i promise i would do anything just bring him back AND DONT LET ANYONE TOUCH HIM EXCEPT ME please God dont make him fall in love with another girl he has to hold mine in his heart bring him back God bring him back bring him back i will not sleep tonight just to pray for you God to bring him back please bring him back i love him no one could replace him please bring him back im begging im begging bring him back bring him back turn his heart to be good to remember me and our stories please God return him to me

I Would Jump Off the Balcony

Angie is sitting alone on her bed.
Her face looks terible.
Her eyes were swollen from weeping.

"Bunda, bunda!", his 6 years old baby boy, Juna, calls her.
Juna enters Angie's bedroom and sees her mother's face.
"Bunda, what happened?", Juna walks towards her mother.
"No, honey. It's okay", says Angie. She keeps it secretly.
"Are you sure?", asks Juna and Angie nods her head.
"Bunda, look! I drew a picture", says Juna and he shows Angie her drawing.
"Oh that's good! Very good! I dont know you can draw that good", says Angie.
Juna smiles. The cutest smile that Angie ever saw.
"Let me explain", says Juna. "This is our house", he shows Angie a red house in the picture.
"And this is Nunu", he shows Angie a grey dog... Nunu is their pet, a husky!
It looks like cat to me, thinks Angie.
"And this is daddy's car", Juna shows Angie a green car.
Daddy's car.

Angie starts to cry in silence and Juna recognizes her.
"Bunda what happened?", Juna strokes Angie's hair softly.
"No... It's okay, honey...", Angie tries to smile but she knows, it's the ugliest smile.
"Daddy did this to you", Juna makes Angie's heart bleeding.
"No, dont blame him...", says Angie.
"Where is she now, Bunda?", Juna starts to cry.
"No, dont cry, honey! He had something to do, he's busy with his works. He'll come home", but the truth is, Angie didn't know when.
"I miss him, Bunda. Like you do", and Juna falls into her mother's chest and hugs her.
"Dont worry, dear. He'll come home", says Angie.

Juna and Angie are crying together, hugging each other.
Angie hopes that her husband will come home.
Angie hopes that her husband will hug her son, Juna cries for him.
Angie hopes....
That her family will back to perfect, again.

I'm Yours

Squipee is a 16 years old little penguin.
She loves to play with ice cube.
And she loves muffin.
Squipee has a friend, named Bunny.
Bunny is a 19 years old white rabbit.
He loves to play with his food... Duh.
And loves to eat muffin too.
Sometimes Squipee shares her muffin with Bunny.
They're a really good friends.
Squipee thought that Bunny is her boyfie, oh that's so sweet!
And so does Bunny, he thought Squipee is her girlfie.

But one day, something happens.

Bunny is missing.
Squipee looks afraid, yes, she's afraid if something happened with Bunny.
Squipee runs to Bunny's house but he's not there.
What should i do?, says Squipee. Oh i remember!

Squipee runs to a place that she and Bunny love to visit, a pond, a duck pond.
It's a very beautiful place.
Squipee likes to see the ducks and so does Bunny.
And she's right.
Bunny is there, sitting.

Bunny, what happened to you?, asks Squipee.
Why you're here, Squipee? I'm not in the mood, says Bunny.
I was looking for you, Bunny. We're a good friends... You're gone, says Squipee.
Leave me alone, says Bunny. Bunny, what happened? :(
Bunny, tell me if something happened to you. I'm your friend... You've wasted your days with me and you said that you trust me, why you didn't tell me?, says Squipee.
Just leave me alone! I just wanna be alone! I'M TIRED WITH EVERYTHING!, says Bunny.

Squipee doesn't talk.
She turns around and she runs, leaving Bunny with his feelings.
Squipee stops and she screams,

And Squipee runs away.
She wont look back.

The little penguin cries.
The muffins she made for Bunny lasy night,
Still sitting on the table.
Squipee thought that Bunny will go after her,
Squipee thought that Bunny will share his story with her.
But Bunny keeps it secretly, he'll hurt much more.
And Squipee,
She still crying.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Her Heart Heavy

Grandma, i'm sorry i didn't bring him today.

Maybe, i will not bring him anymore.

Stop asking about him grandma, it hurts me.

For my beloved children, Juna and Abel.

Bunda failed you.

I'm sorry i cant
bring your daddy back to us.
He's tired, he needs some rest.

Just let him be, okay


For you.

I love you and i always be :')

Just to show you how much i care

Kenapa musti bilang pengen banget ketemu padahal capek?
Kenapa musti bilang sayang banget sama gw padahal capek?
Buat apa gw nulis postingan2 gw di bawah?
Buat apa dari kemaren2 gw nemenin lo
Buat apa dari kemaren2 gw telfon2an sama lo


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Keep On Singing My Song

Lying down alone,
In the middle of a green ocean of grass
Under a pine tree
Watching the baby blue sky smiling

The wind is singing,
Valley's elegy
What a beautiful moment,
But someone is missing

I used to see the sky with my husband
But where is he?
Oh i miss him more than ever
We used to have a silent conversation with sky
And he looked at his wife and smiled,
I smiled back

Dearly beloved, are you listening?
The sound of happiness? My tears calling out your name?
Oh my stomach grows bigger

My dearest,
I didnt mean to hurt you
But let me feel your illness
Let me cry for you, like i said
Let me hold you, let me kiss your forehead
I didnt blame you
I just want you to know that
I love you and dont hurt yourself
You still have a life to go
And a family, to love

I love you, Popo :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009



From? Horror Town.

Meet my friend, Noah

His full name is Joshua Noah Morphine Jr.
He's a good friend of mine :)
He loves cig, sitting under my table.
He doens't like to smile.
He's a quiet person.

He has friends.

Reuben Kamikaze, call him Reub or Reu.
He's talkative and loves to laugh.
And i don't know why the word 'Kamikaze' is there...

Skinny Nobb, call him Nobb.
He's skinny as shit LOL.
He's talkative too and... Loves to jump.

Dinosaur Jr. Call me Dino fo
shot, he said :D
He owns a music shop called Rawr-ing Machine.

Last, it's Jimmy Beer, call him Jimmy.
He doesn't talk much.
He always bring his beer, everywhere.

Those guys love to say NASSSSSSSTYY
If one of them make fun each other.
And sorry, i dont have their photos, only Noah :D

Noah gave me a white tiger.
I named him Rajjah :D

Rajjah loves ice cream :D

Drowned Dream

I swim with the dolphins
Through the seaweed forest
Finding pearls in a shells
And starfishes

Blue, cyan, green and black
Coral reefs spread out in front of me
I fall in love with the seabream
I make bubbles with whales

My life as a mermaid
Like lady of the sea
Queen of the Oceania
Make smiles cracked on your face

Monday, August 17, 2009

When You Love Your Husband's Tears

Ketika kamu mencintai air mata suamimu.
Okay that's the translate.

I saw him crying la
st days.
It hurted my heart so bad :(
I dont wanna see him cry.
Whatever the reason is.
I will represent you, let me cry for you.
I love him, sooo much.
If he asks me to leave,
I'll leave, for a while.
And the next day, i'll go to his house
And beg him to let me stay.

I love you, Bunny :)
I love your tears
And i love your heart :)
You'll be a great father someday! :)


I give you this ring
As a promise to you
A promise that I'll be here

and I'll always be true

I promise that I'll hold you
when your day isn't going right
and i will comfort you
through the long cold night

I promise that I'll make you smile
when you feel like dying
I promise that I'll be here
when you feel like crying

I promise that i will guide you
when the future isn't clear
i promise i will be there
to wipe away your every tear

i promise that no matter what
we will make it through
i give you this ring as a promise
A promise that I will always love you.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Quiet Sea

Little boy with little boat
Wade across t
he sea
He cries,
But no tears come out from his green wide eyes
His tears united with the sea

Dolphins and whales approach him
Wondering, how could this boy adrift and buffeted alone
They talk, like the most beautiful song ever
They flip, prettier than a sand dancer
But they swim away, like seeing a ghost

And the boy dies
Alone on his boat
He let the waves take him
To a place that he will never know
To a place called heaven

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Me and My Purple Sky

Katy, 18, has a boyfriend named Godric, 21.
She has been watching Godric for days; he looks different.
Godric acted unconcerned to her, like, "Who gives a damn to this freakin' little girl?"
Katy knows that she's still 18, and Godric is 3 years older than Katy, he has his own bussiness to do
But what did Katy do?
She didnt do anything
She thinks it's fine

One day, Godric calls her.
"Katy i hate my computer and i'm goin to kill it"
"Godric, what are you angry about? Computer doesn't have soul"
"Yeah but it annoys me. I'm going to sell it next week. Oh and i'm going to sell my iPhone too. Then, i'll buy a new computer"
"Your iPhone too? Try to repair it first..."
"I did"
"I told you to not let it on even when you're asleep or your computer will burst"
"Does it influental?"
"I think you wrong". And Godric keeps complaining his computer.
Katy says nothing. Godric doesn't give a damn.

What should Katy do?
Maybe Godric thinks that Katy still young and doesn't know anything about electronics, not like him.
Or maybe... Godric has "a new toy" ? Who knows
But Katy thinks that she was thinking too far.
She keeps telling her heart that Godric still loves her and wants her.
But why Godric did that to her?
Katy is immature? Katy is dumb? Katy is spoiled?
Or Godric underestimates Katy?
Or just because Katy loves to sing and hum,
He thinks that Katy is a freak?
Tell her that she's wrong.

Oh and Katy has blog too
Did Godric read her blog? No.
Katy asked Godric to read her blog.
But what did Godric do?

4 Years Ago

Meet my friend, Putri Sevira Amandika a.k.a Ps :D

She's pretty but... HAHA I CANT EXPLAIN
Temen gw dari SMP sumpah ni orang murtad banget
Kita dari SMP suka banget bikin cerita2 konyol tentang seorang wanita... (mulai)
Sebut aja perempuan ini namanya Nyi dan kekasih hatinya bernama Bondz (HAHAHAH TAEEE)
terus nanti ada kekasih lain si Nyi yang bernama Tahan
Freak right? You have to hear our stories!

Ceritanya macem2 dan lebbbbay banget
Dulu pas SMP, kita bikin ceritanya di kertas dan nulisnya ganti2an
Nih salah satu ceritanya yang paling terbaru (bacanya dari bawah ke atas):

Anissa Sadino (hahhahaha ngeselin abis)
rambut Nyi yang tadinya bewarna pirang keemasan berubah menjadi ungu gelap dan jigrak seketika. dan tidk sampai 5 detik alat pancing sudah terlepas sendiri dr tubuh Nyi. Tahan pun semakin tertarik "wanita yang unik" dan dia menjabat tangan Nyi dan menciumnnya sektika dan bau terasi. lalu........

Putri Sevira Amandika
daaaaaaaannnn saking dekatnya alat pancing Tahan pun mengenai tubuh gemulai nyi..nyi pun terperangkap. dan berteriak "aaaaaarrrrrggggggghhhhh" karna teriakan nya yang begitu kencang dan subhanalloh dahsyatnya, sungai itu pun berubah... menjadi lautan merah dan terbelah menjadi 2, petir menyambar, langit menjadi gelap, rumput di sekitar langsung kering mendadak, tanah longsor, hewan2 punah..selanjutnya.... (seru bgt nih gw menikmati bgt HAHA

si pemancing tersebut sudah mendapatkan 2 ekor paus pembunuh di sungai itu (boong abis) dan ia ingin menarik perhatian Nyi yg sedang bersusah payah membenarkan karung goni dan jepitan bunga raflesia di kepalanya... Tahan pun mendekati Nyi dan......

Putri Sevira Amandika sayangnya bukan sungai yang indah tapi sungai ciliwung, sungai yang sudah setelah tercebur di sungai nyi bertemu dengan seorang pemancing handal bersama Tahan. lanjutkan..

Anissa Sadino (dosa seperti ayam goreng, pedas dan enak dinikmati)
becaknya pake pertamax... lalu tidak sengaja mereka menabrak sapi dan becak mereka melompat dan mereka terbang di udara.. lalu mereka menggelinding sambil berpelukan dan jatuh ke sungai........

Putri Sevira Amandika (ya tuhan gpp ya saya dan aem melakukan dosa kecil seperti ini, kami menikmatinya) iya dia udah pake kok, dia sekarang lagi naik becak dengan si bondz yang mengemudi dengan kecepatan 100km/jam..

Anissa Sadino (TAHAN MAKMUR JAYA HAHAH kaya nama toko semen haha dosa lah haha tp menyenangkan, enjoy!)
oh kukira... jangan lupa mam Nyi dengan sepatu hak tingginya sekitar semeter... apa pake egrang hari ini? sungguh menawan!

Putri Sevira Amandika (HAHAHAHA aem jangan bikin aku mati karna ketawa, itu konyol. eh tapi kurang satu em si peri TAHAN mana? yg punya nama kepanjangan tahan kuat terpercaya) iya itu resep dari nyi..dia sekarang lagi dandan em pake lipstick merah menyala, karung beras di jadikan busana penutup auratnya (seru ya em klo cerita beginian jadi kangen smp haha semoga tidak dosa)

Anissa Sadino (kaki di kepala kepala di kaki)
kalo ga Nyi Tahan ama Bondz HAHAHA
ya ampun benarkah itu adalah khasiat dari larangan mandi? pantas kulitnya seperti abu dari Gunung Merbabu...
Seksi? Babi yg seksi ♥

I miss that time! Oh what a memory!
Dulu ceritanya banyak banget, ampe ada 5 kertas isinya cerita2 lebay
Adalah si Nyi pake egrang pengganti hak tinggi,
Bondz yang rambutnya keriting jumbo,
Tahan yang namanya panjang Tahan Kuat
DAn seluruh cerita pasti ujung2nya PENGKHIANATAN
Aduh parah itu murtad banget! Ya Allah maafkan aku

Gw juga inget, dulu judul cerita kita ada yang judulnya "Mermaid Jumbo" sama "Wanita Malam"
Dan gw masih nyimpen cerita yang "Wanita Malam" inilah salah satu kutipannya:

My Version:
"Sebulan kemudian, Bondz (ya lo taulah) MENGKHIANATI NYI. Bondz berselingkuh dengan wanita yang bernama Sri Upik Marupik Bondan. Nyi sedih, down dan melarikan diri ke Sumatra. Ia kembali menjadi wanita malam di Aceh dan 3 bulan kemudian ia terkena tsunami dan Nyi terhempas dan menungging di dalam air"

Her version:
"Tetapi bau ciri khas Nyi tidak dapat membohongi siapa pun. Tahan mengikuti jejak bau khas Nyi dan sampailah dia di rumah Nyi. Ia mengetuk pintu dan Nyi membukanya lalu menutupnya kembali. Tahan berkata, "Sayangku.. Aku taklupa saat kita bercinta, aku kangen dengan bau badanmu yang menyengat seperti aku berada dalam pelukan kingkong"

Dan gw cuma punya kertas ini, sisanya kebanyakan di Ps.........................
Buat Ps, teruslah berkarya dan semoga dosa kita diampuni, amin!

Friday, August 14, 2009

One Night In Jakarta

Sorry about the pic, i took it from Google :D

I went to Obonk Steak, one of my favorite restaurant.
Me and my boyfie love to go there.
I looooveeeee Double Beef Crispy (above) yummy xD

Me here, hearin' Anberlin - Inevitable
I love this song so much :)
And Wrigley's Extra in my mouth.
Okay, that's boring.

Okay, the reason why i named my blog 'Jakarta Story'.
I was hearing Kevin Aprilio's song called Jakarta Story.
The song includes Ruday and Renad from a band called Thirteen.
I love the song, but i think Renad doenst have to sing.............. Sorry.
I think Ruday has a great voice.
That's why i named my blog 'Jakarta Story'.
Another reason?
I live in Jakarta and i was born in Jakarta.
I love my city ;]

Uhh... Yeah this pic shows you about...... Jakarta.
No, dont be afraid. It's over.
It was Syailendra (my bday party!!!!!!!)
Once again, dont be afraid.
Jakarta is a good place to live in :D


Yeaaa i'm on right now
Funny isnt it, chatting with stranger :D

Oh and one of my conversation:

Stranger: Hello i'm Michael Jackson
You: Hello to Mike, i'm Janet Jackson
Your conversational partner has disconnected


But people here are nice :D
Like Tina, 29 and Bea, 21 or 20 duh i forgot
they really rock my socks! :D

PS: Popo where are you i miss you....


Arzita, known as my intimate friend (HAHA) who made me join Blogger.
Dulu pengen bikin blog juga, tapi gara2 ga ada temennya ya ga jadi2.
Sekarang kan udah ada ja
di udah asiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik~

Check her
blog! ;]

Putra, known as my boyfie also has blog.
I called him Popo and dont call him Popo.
Putra is fine, Popo is a special name for
him and for me (ofcourse zzzzzzzz)

Check his blog too aite! ;D

But dont flirt with him or i kill ya.

Kiss me baby!

Mwaaaaaaaaawwwww <3

Meanwhile, me here watching Michael Jackson.
With Kopiko in my mouth.

Red Red White.....

I went to Citos today
I've watched Merah Putih! Yayy! :D

Keren sih filmnya, Indonesia sudah cukup maju dalam bidang perfilman :D
Ceritanya tentang perjuangan Indonesia pas taun 1947, ngelawan Belanda.
Filmnya katanya dibiayain Prabowo ya sekitar 50 Milyar?
Tapi keren i confess!
PS: Buat Dendeng, mana katanya make efek yang kaya di film Harry Potter.. Kok ga ada?? zzz

Filmnya emang radak boring sih, gw sempet nguap juga.
Tapi kalo pas bagian actionnya, keren kok :D
Yang maen juga bagus2.
So, i suggest you to watch this film!

Thriller Night

I woke up at 12 pm this morning.
I turned on my computer and opened my Winamp.
And i saw Michael Jackson's songs, around 44 songs.

One thing,
I cant believe that he's gone!!!
please, someone tells me that he's still here with us :'(

I miss him, though he doesnt know me either (-_-)
But his songs and the way he dances......
OMG no one could replace him!
He's the one!

I'm listening to Michael Jackson - You Rock My World right now,
one of my favorite songs :D

These are my list:
1. You Rock My World
2. The Way You Make Me Feel
3. Stranger In Moscow
4. Man In The Mirror
5. You Are Not Alone
6. They Dont Care About Us
7. Rock W
ith You
8. Thrille
9. Dangerous
10. Leave Me Alone
11. Liberian Girl
12. Dirty Diana
13. Be
14. Gone Too Soon
15. Beat

Oh how i miss Michael Jackson :(
But when i saw Prince, Paris and Blanket......................
I wonder, how does it feel, losing your dad... And your dad was famous,
HE'S THE KING OF POP!! (Liz Taylor said it for the first time :D)

So MJ, rest in peace
I'll never let you part
For you're always in my heart.
We love you, so much! :D

Oh and im watchin MJ right now! :D

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Angels of the sea

I love BLUE

It's Nakai from Seaworld in CA :)
He's pretty isn't he? :D

I love orca.
So much.
I wish i could have one.......
Buy it for me? :D

And i wanna be like her.
A trainer.
She touches orca everyday.
I want it :(

How are you Frau Luki?

Meet my friend, Paddy :)

He's from Dortmund, Germany. He taught me to speak like him.
And he said,

Wuza you got it i make you be the best german knowing woman in the world haha"
Thankyou! :D

And it reminds me when i was in high school.
When we were studying Deutsch.
It was Thursday (am i right? Oh i forgot!).
Oh how i miss that time!
I opened my book, "Wir Lernen Deutsch"
I saw this conversation.

A: Gutten morgen!
B: Gutten morgen!
A: Wie geht es Ihnen?
B: Danke, gut!

That's formal.
And do you know what happened on the next day?
I greeted my friends and screamed like this:


I screamed, and my voice turned out like a child's voice.
Annoying, i know.
Oh by the way, Nyunyu is my nickname :D

And the only sentence, that i understand is:
It means, i wanna go to the toilet.

Well, i am grateful to knew it :)
And how i miss.... My high school times........


And hello again. LOL. It's been a while. haha.
Today is my daddy bday :D
I wanna give him somethin' but uh... I dont know what is it.
What do you think about this?



Oh God =( i really, really, miss Michael Jackson :(
He's one of a kind =(

Well, happy bday daddy! All the best wishes for you :)



It means 'Hello'.

Well... This is my first time.
Udah lama banget pengen bikin blog tp ga jadi2, jadinya curhat di blog hp ato ga di Notepad LOLOLOL

And my i named it 'Jakarta Story'?
I was born in Jakarta, that's all.