Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I Can't.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

When A Swan Fell In Love With An Eagle.

There's something I can't say about you.
How your eyes see the world,
How you shines,
There are hundred things I can not see.

I can't read you.
I won't read you.
I am not afraid,
You're just 2000 light years away from me.

I want to reach you someday.
I want to see your happiness breaks upon me.
I want to see how far you can handle us.
Will you trust me?

You are my teacher, a strong one.
You're someone who can handle me at my worst.
You remind me, you rewind, and you remember it.
You care.

You keep your head high,
You keep your mind off the ground, to the sky.
You blended with my colors,
You, are you to be proud of.

When our eyes met in the deep sea,
I knew that I almost there,
In a place where I could share my stories all day long.
You are not a ghost in disguise.

We walk together through the risk, aren't we?
You have no back-up plan and gently, you started this.
You put yourself before me.
You're not giving up on me.

Dearly beloved,
I can feel you even with my eyes closed.
Turn your head, look at me.
You're the most beautiful dawn in January.

Monday, February 18, 2013

My Heaven Lies In You.

Poems and visions.
Songs and memories.
Ocean and mountains.
Blue and green.

Heartbeats and tears.
Raindrops and thunders.
Red cheeks and warm bodies.
Happiness and sadness.

Bring me back to life.
Wake me up.
Save me and take me home.
I want to see your eyes one more time.

I need you,
And you need me.
I can't go.
I can't see you from here.

Who's going to handle you when I am not around?
Who's going to calm you down when nobody can do it?
Who's going to wipe your tears when you miss someone?
Who's going to protect you when I am so far away from you?

Don't give up on me.
Find me, find a away to find me.
I am here, yes, I am here, darling.
Look at me, reach me, reach my hand.

I love you.
Don't go too far.
I will keep my eyes wide open.
For you, I will survive.

If only I can show you what I have been seeing,
If only I can lend these eyes for you,
You will see the most beautiful color,
Bursting out from your body.

Don't let go.
Don't go.
I want to live with you,
And make the euphoria of our happiness explodes into a thousand bright colors.

Let me live in your arms, forever.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds.

Hello, this is Lucy.
Lucy has something to say.
Lucy wrote it down on a paper.
Lucy named it, "Lucy's Letter".

Why are you here?
Such a coincidence, isn't it?
It's been months we haven't had a nice quality time like this.

You're such a hero.
Too wise to let go,
Too hard to not to talk to.
You bring happiness when you're beside me.

I made you a golden throne.
To show you that you're a different kind.
Because you believe that your belief is real.

You know what I need.
You know what I want.
You know what I like.
You put yourself before me.

When I needed air, you gave me wind.
When I needed water, you gave me ocean.
When I asked you to bring me a flower, you took to me to a field full of purple asters.
And when I am scared of myself, you calmed me down and gave me words to move on.

You taught me how to conquer myself.
You reminded me that there is a way.
You told me to live on.
You helped me to walk away.

A boy who has a thousand views of art for living.
A boy who can control his anger and settle differences without destroying himself.
The one who keeps his strength as a key for his life.
A lovely man to share your happiness and to grow old with.

You are my brother, my father, my best-friend  my savior, my right eyes and the voices inside my head.
Keep on telling me stories.
Be the one I can be proud of and count on.

I won't lose you out of sight.
My eyes are watching yours.
Don't let me down,
Because you won't let myself down.

Thank you!
Keep on singing my song.
Stay here, as the wind in my Neverland.
I hope you'll be good out there.

With my eyes closed for missing someone,

Love, Hugs and Kisses,
Little Lucy.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Don't You Worry, Anggia.

I know that those days are gone,
And my eyes aren't begging for your existence anymore.
But I still remember how it all changed.
It was hurt.

Remind me,
That we are not in the same dimension anymore.
Remind me,
That we are not seeing the same sun anymore.

I held you close,
But you let me go.
I wiped your tears,
But you torn my heart in two.

My heart is not your home anymore.
We do not share the same dream anymore.
I belong to another hands.
So do you.

There was a time,
When we cried ourselves to sleep,
Just because we were missing each other.
Such a memory, such a dream.

And now I am fully awake.
I am stronger than you will ever know.
I will reach the horizon alone,
And please, don't ever try to reach me.

Because you are already dead,
here, in my memories.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Cold-Blooded Killer In the Mind of Eros.

I am fine.
I am okay.
You don't have to ask.
All you need is to come here and sit with me.

You're my favorite color.
Your color blends with my skin, my eyes.
And your voice, my elegy, my song.
I just love to see you.

But you're tearing me apart inside.
You're bringing me somewhere down the line.
You don't feel what I'm feeling right now.
You don't see the color I'm seeing right now.

One day,
When you turn your attention to another person,
You will leave.
Your eyes will be unfamiliar for me.

But I am glad,
To know that you will find someone.
I am glad,
You're in love again after a thousand heart-breaking moments from your past.

The healing power of tears and laughter will serve me well.
Another man will revive me from the dead.
I will walk away,
In denial.

Now, let me ask.
How could I mend my broken heart,
Without questioning myself how do you do,
Without pretending that I don't know you?

Without loving you from a distance?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thank You Alesso, Sebastian Ingrosso and Ryan Tedder For "Calling (Lose My Mind)".

Let the rain falls down.
Let the raindrops hit our faces.
Lose your mind and jump as high as you can.
Feel the beat and act crazy.

You will find me.

I will find you.
You will reach me.
I will reach you.

Don't stop.

Keep on moving to the beat.
Hold my hands.
The world is spinning for us.

We don't need gravity.

Are you cold?
Here's my arms, hold onto it.
Fall for me.

Close your eyes.

We are in heaven of our imagination.
Feel the rain, let the raindrops washes your pain away.
Share your happiness, let me feel it.

Fuck those voices inside your head.
Think of me, of us.
The rain won't stop for us.
Because your body keeps on dancing like crazy.

Smile, and everybody's watching.
Watch me and I'll watch you.
Cry, feel the music and let it through.
We are lighter than air.

Shit, I love you. I swear I love you so much.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ten Minutes Running.

Teruntuk kamu,
Yang tidak tahu diri.
Yang seenaknya datang dan pergi.
Kumohon, cukup.

Aku biarkan kamu untuk singgah di balik kehancuranku.
Dan aku menerimamu dengan tangan terbuka.
Tapi kenapa aku harus berjalan bersamamu dan kebohonganmu?
Kumohon, cukup.

Aku tidak dibuat untuk direlakan.
Aku hadir tapi tidak untuk ditinggalkan.
Aku berdiri untuk medampingi kamu.
Aku berdiri untuk melengkapi bagian hidupmu yang hilang.

Kamu bisa bayangkan,
Betapa pedihnya aku ketika aku diharuskan untuk bernafas di sampingmu.
Lihat aku.
Sadarkah kamu? Kedua mataku hancur karena terlalu banyak mengeluarkan air mata?

Aku mau bahagia sama kamu.
Kita bisa tembus kebahagiaan itu.
Tapi kamu tidak sadari itu karena kedua matamu ditutup oleh kenyataan.
Jadi, untuk apa aku datang dan bertemu dengan kamu?

Kumohon, pergilah.
Pergi jauh, hingga aku tidak dapat menggapaimu.
Aku akan membuat diriku seperti sedang bermimpi.
Lalu terbangun dan menyadari bahwa aku tidak pernah mengenalmu.

If you love me, you will breathe my name.
But if you are not, you will walk away forever.

When My Idealism Gets High.

You knocked my door and ran away.
You pushed me to move out.
But you pulled me closer.
What happened to us?

It was me all along.
My idealism slapped my face.
My idealism has been attacking me until today.

How could I lose it for myself?
For us?
The only way to do it is to love you with what you have.
For what you are.

But I want it this way, not that way.
But I know if I force myself to walk my life in a perfect life,
I won't get what I want.
So I have to let you in and let myself learn a bunch of things from you.

But I am scared.
Scared of what will happen next.
Scared of welcoming new people.
I am scared of lonely.

I have been hurt twice last year.
The condition makes me afraid to move forward.
I am afraid to love, to be loved, to wish and to be wished for.
But I won't let it happen again for myself.

I hope I will find someone,
Who understands me so well without asking,
Who realizes what I need without saying,
Who serves me what I deserve.

When the clock ticks my life away,
That means I am ready for what I will receive.
And if it was you, the one that God has been planning for,
Then I promise you and myself that I will take a good care of you for the rest of my life.