Friday, March 1, 2013

Inhaling Fire.

We won't make it.
It won't work.
We can't do this.

You cannot force your heart to love someone.
You cannot force your mind to believe something that actually, you doubt it.
Synchronize your mind and your heart.
Find the conclusion and stop asking why.

But I keep listening to what you say.
I keep watching you from a distance.
I keep on trying.
Because I know what's best for me and you know that too.

I gave up twice.
I hurt a lot.
I fucked my heart and my mind.
Because I lost everything I loved in a blink of an eye.

Maybe you're not the only one.
Maybe you came to not to save me.
You came, to make me stronger.
You're here, to make me realize that I am no better.

If you plan to leave,
I have to give us a space, a big space.
No more torment, my heart is poor.
But I will show you that I am fine without you, though I will cry in my room.

No need to hurry because the clock is ticking slowly.
Why don't we have a ride?
Citylights and a cup of hot chocolate would be good.
Leave these behind, enjoy the night.

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