Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Queen.

I miss her.
So much.
I want her back,
But I know death did us apart.

The way she calls my name,
The way she smiles,
The way she looks at her grandchildren,
How I miss her so much.

I remember the day when she lied down in the dialysis room.
She smiled when I walked in.
We shared stories, laughters and love.
Eventhough her body was too weak to move.

I remember the day when she passed away though I don't want to remember.
She looked healthy, she smiled.
That was the scariest moment in life,
Because losing her was one of my biggest fears.

I remember the last day when I went to her final resting place.
It was quiet, too quiet.
But I cried too loud.
I lost you and you will not return.

Hey beautiful,
I believe that you're happy right now.
An angel like you deserves a good place out there.
Don't worry, because one day, we're all will follow you there.

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